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The highest quality pellets so you can stay warm for less.

A “Super Premium” pellet has a maximum of 0.5% ash content compared to a Premium pellet ash content of up to 1% ash.  That means our “Super Premium” grade wood pellets have less than half the ash of a “Premium Grade” pellet and nearly 10% more heating value per pound of pellets.  This means you are getting more heat for your money, and because the ash content is so low your maintenance on your wood pellet heating system is the lowest it can get.  Burning a “Super Premium” quality pellet means your will burn fewer pellets for the same heat output and have to clean your stove less often as compared to burning “Premium Quality” pellets.  Additionally, the more ash a pellet has, the more that ash builds up in your stove, boiler or furnace and insulates the heat exchanger surfaces.  This insulation causes less heat to be put into your home and lowers the efficiency of your pellet appliance.  In turn, you need to burn even more pellets for the same heat output.  Please take a minute to review our Test Results Dec 3 2015.

We pull test samples very often to ensure our quality is maintained.  Please send us a note or contact us for a most recent copy of our pellet quality test reports.