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Bulk Pellet Production

What are bulk pellets?  Bulk wood pellets are not packaged in bags, they are delivered in loose form, typically by specialized trucks.  Bulk wood pellets are trucked from our facility to home and business owners who have bulk storage bins feeding wood pellet boilers or municipal buildings that have wood pellet central heating systems.  Delivery companies use either a 9-14 ton delivery truck or a larger 26 ton tractor trailer tanker to transport our bulk product to customers.  We have a 23 ton elevated outdoor hopper for loading bulk delivery trucks and a 150 ton indoor bulk silo for onsite storage and hopper replenishment to support multiple bulk deliveries in one day.  We have certified scales to weigh out the trucks.  Most delivery trucks also have certified scales on board to monitor the amount delivered at each individual site.  We take samples of every load of bulk pellets leaving our facility to make sure  the highest quality wood pellet makes it’s way to your home or business.

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Bulk Delivery: Gold Partner

Vermont Renewable Fuels‘ fully pneumatic bulk pellet delivery truck makes heating your home or business with wood pellets easier than ever. With this truck, we can fill your bulk storage bin or silo on a schedule that is convenient for you. Our fully pneumatic delivery system is gentle on pellets, floating them on a stream of air, not crushing them with an auger or air-lock. We are happy to deliver bulk pellets all over the state and having the only truck in Vermont with certified on-board scales allows us to meter the pellets as they are delivered and to instantly provide our customers with a printed receipt.

Bulk Pellets: Saving Time, Money and Keeping our Heating Dollars Local !!

We are working to offset the region’s dependence on imported fossil fuels with more affordable, locally abundant renewable ones. Our wood pellet production is expected to displace about 3,600,000 gallons of heating oil, putting 80% of these energy dollars into our local community rather than exporting over 80% of our energy dollars to support big oil.

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Bulk Storage

Buying pellets in bulk saves time, money and eliminates the waste generated by plastic 40lb bags. Wood Pellet Heating Partner Pellergy LLC has a variety of bulk storage solutions to handle every situation.  Pellergy stocks bulk pellet bins for interior pellet storage ranging from 1.5 to over 12 ton of bulk pellet storage.  Pellets are fed directly into a new central pellet heating system with an automated vacuum feed.

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Commercial Bulk Storage

Larger pellet users and those needing outdoor bulk pellet storage may want to install a bulk pellet silo. Farmer Boy Ag has silos available ranging from 3 to 100 tons and can deliver them to your site fully assembled!