Way Back When


The history of our mill dates back to 1963, when construction first started.  In 1964 the facility began to process cosmetic and industrial grade talc.  Mining talc on site, transporting it to the mill, crushing, pulverizing and cleaning, then packaging the product into powders and shipping in bulk.  The mill changed hands a number of times in the late 60’s and was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1967, when this industrial facility employed approximately 100 people between the Mines, Mills and Offices located on site.   The photograph you see here was taken in 1976.

Much has changed over the years, but the buildings remain.  Our Wood Pellet operations don’t quite use all the space available to us from the old talc processing days, but the facility offers the right combination of a legacy of industrial use, good highway access, offices and mill buildings and a great community surrounding us.  Our workforce today is much smaller, averaging around 20 full-time people.  The mining and rock handling equipment has been replaced with a log yard, and the inside of the building updated to accommodate our much smaller equipment needs while giving us plenty of space to store finished wood pellets.  We often get asked about the water tower.  The tower sits dormant today, not used by our operations.  Many consider it a local landmark and we have no plans for its removal.

Our Community

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We value the community we do business in.  Our bordering towns of West Windsor and Brownsville are home not only to our operations, but our employees, friends, family and neighbors.  The mill and our factory operations are not open to the public, but our office is staffed during normal business hours Monday-Friday.  If you are interested in visiting our operations and learning more, please contact us using the information on this site.